Baseball HQ: Stretch-run targets

With five-plus weeks left in the season, even a small boost from a minor roster move can have a meaningful impact on your final standing. But that help can be hard to find. Here are a collection of options, all off-the-radar to some degree, who may be cheaply or freely available to you and might be able to offer that much-needed boost. For the shopper's convenience, we will group them by position.


Tony Graffanino's knee injury earned Rickie Weeks a quick recall from his Triple-A exile, but he's showing little sign of shaking off his slump. With Milwaukee under increasing pressure in the NL Central, Craig Counsell should start to see more ABs. Counsell has not done much this year, but he owns a good historical OBP+speed combo, and he should get an opportunity to display that over the season's final six weeks.