The Big Rotowski: Big moves, big impact

I can't decide which was more stupid: the Marlins trading a prospect for Jorge Julio or the Phillies abruptly turning Brett Myers into a closer.

I do know one thing, though: Each of these decisions, and dozens more like them, has thrust the fantasy baseball world into temporary chaos. Owners went scrambling to the waiver wire, dropping this guy, adding that guy. We "experts" went on TV, breathlessly urging you to overreact. When it comes to bullpens, starting rotations and, yes, even position players, one organizational decision can change everything, for good or bad. And we continue to live with the results.

So this week I thought I'd tackle the question of which 2007 organizational decisions, good and bad, have agitated fantasy baseball most, and what these rumblings mean for fantasy players moving forward. I'll stay away from the big off-season acquisitions like Daisuke Matsuzaka, Carlos Lee and Gary Sheffield, and try and stick (with a couple of exceptions) to in-season moves.