The Big Rotowski: Should You Believe?

Radiohead was a pretty good band when it recorded "Pablo Honey." I mean, "Creep" is obviously an all-timer, "Anyone Can Play Guitar" stands up to repeated listens and "Ripcord" is a great sing-along. But back in the heady days of 1993, as I violently twitched my head and air-guitar shoulder every time the chorus of "Creep" began, I had no idea that in 1997, Radiohead would make "OK Computer."

Now that's an album. "Pablo Honey" and "The Bends" had been excellent, but "OK Computer" was the kind of exhilarating, sad, gorgeous, weird, funny, operatic art my dad reports experiencing when he first listened to "Sgt. Pepper's." Radiohead had, in the parlance of linseed oil and jock itch, taken a "step forward."

Accordingly, tasked as I am this week with describing fantasy baseball players whose work product has taken similar leaps here in 2007, I believe I'll headline each player with a track from "OK Computer." Therefore the rest of this column is best experienced with your CD player cranked to "11."