The Big Rotowski: Best Outfielders

In 2007 fantasy baseball, the story of outfielders is a story of disappointment.

Think about it: Jermaine Dye made a lot of people's top 50 overall (including mine) before the season began, and he's currently hitting .229 and on pace to drive in fewer than 100 runs. Andruw Jones is even worse, hitting .208 and on pace to strike out a career-high 161 times. Johnny Damon pulls muscles the way Jessica Alba invades dreams (note to Jess: Call me), and is stuck on four homers and 23 RBIs. Specialty guys like Coco Crisp, Dave Roberts and Corey Patterson have let you down, kids like Chris B. Young, Carlos Quentin and Delmon Young can't get off the ground, and please don't talk with a Juan Pierre owner about Juan Pierre. You won't get a word in edgewise.

Last week, ESPN.com's fantasy staff ranked our top 150 players for the rest of the season, and outfielders didn't fare wonderfully there, either. For instance, Alfonso Soriano was my No. 3 overall player in fantasy baseball coming into 2007, but his apparent unwillingness to steal bases (he's got eight, compared to 41 last year, and he hasn't even tried to run since May 25) drops him out of the top three among outfielders. Only three of our top 11 overall players patrol the outfield, and two of those (Carl Crawford and Grady Sizemore) aren't traditional outfield boppers. What's happened to the era of a dependable 40 homers and 135 RBIs from your corner outfield anchor?