The Big Rotowski: Pitchers so overvalued, they're undervalued

Chien-Ming Wang is the Weezer of fantasy baseball.

You remember Weezer -- those alt rockers from the '90s who helped make geeky marvelous. In particular, Rivers Cuomo, the band's lead singer, made having a visual impairment groovy again. He had thick, chunky glasses, which were the opposite of the razor-thin frames of the era, and he was a little, well, pasty (I know whereof I speak ... check out that author's photo). Weezer sang about Buddy Holly, Mary Tyler Moore and sweaters being unraveled one thread at a time. They were so uncool, they were cool.

And that's Chien-Ming Wang. You know what we "fantasy experts" say about Wang, right? "He's a better real baseball player than fantasy baseball player." We warn you about him, we beg you not to take him early in your draft, we scoff when you consider trading for him and we mock those who own him. He is, we say, dramatically overvalued.