The Big Rotowski: 10 pitching pickups for the stretch

You need pitchers. I need pitchers. We all need pitchers.

It's a delicate balance, this fantasy baseball thing, especially down the stretch. You're close in several pitching categories. A few well-timed wins or saves that don't burst apart your ratios could be the difference between championship and Palookaville. Maybe you're bogged down with starters who need to be let go. Maybe you're ready to give up on saves and load up on innings eaters. Maybe five extra saves would mean so much to you, you're willing to drop a stud hitting reserve, and speculate on a set-up pitcher with closer aspirations.

If ever you're going to make a decisive move, now's the time. We're at the end of August, with four scant weeks to make up the ground Mike Mussina and Kip Wells have cost you. Accordingly, here are 10 pitchers owned in 25 percent or fewer of ESPN.com leagues. Depending on your squad and your standings, they might be the ticket to the fantasy nudge you so desperately need.