The Big Rotowski: 10 hitting pickups for the stretch drive

Why is Jason Giambi owned in 35.7 percent of ESPN.com leagues? Why is Nomar Garciaparra owned in 25.8 percent of leagues? What has Eric Chavez, who's out for the season, done to deserve being owned in 24.7 percent of leagues? Of whom does Aaron Hill, he of the .261 on-base percentage over the past month, have pictures, to be owned in 45 percent?

Last week, I tackled 10 pitching pickups for September. This week, the hitters take center stage. I know it's the fourth day of the season's final month, but it's still not too late. If you've got any of the four guys I mentioned above, or any other extreme slacker (Scott Rolen: 25.7 percent! He's having shoulder surgery, people! Josh Barfield: 10.6 percent! What exactly are you waiting for here?), jettison him/them, and get some fresh blood. Carefully analyze your league's standings. Find the categories where you can make a difference. Heck, if you can't go anywhere in the homer race in your league, dump that marginal slugger (Bill Hall: 44.3 percent; Richie Sexson: 33.2 percent and hurt) and pick up a stolen bases guy, or a batting average guy, or a runs guy. What have you got to lose?

Here are my 10 favorite positional players owned in fewer than 25 percent of ESPN.com leagues: