Is Garrett Jones for real?

Sometimes you just pick a player who looks like he is going to get regular at-bats and hope you get lucky and catch the proverbial lightning in a bottle. That's just what fantasy owners have done with Pittsburgh's Garrett Jones. Or as he was called around the press box in Arizona this past weekend, "Babe Ruth."

"I was just hoping for a chance to open some eyes, and maybe get a call up at some point during the year," Jones said about his expectations coming into the season. (He got a cup of coffee in 2007 with the Twins with poor results.)

Hitting .345 with 10 homers, four steals and a .798 slugging percentage in your first 84 at-bats of the season is certainly an eye-opener. "It's going well now," Jones said. "Part of it is mental. I'm more relaxed, more confident. My problems come when my swing gets too big and trying to hit homers by swinging too hard. I start pulling off the ball and start swinging at pitches I shouldn't be swinging at. I'm just trying to put a smooth swing on the ball and square it up and take my chances."