Dr. HQ: Unlucky 13

This season, there appear to be more big names recovering from injuries and surgery than in any season in recent memory. Here is a preview of what we can expect from returning injured players after the break.

Pedro Martinez, RHP, NYM -- I refuse to get on the Pedro bandwagon, but I will follow close behind. We've all seen the positive stories emanating from New York regarding Martinez's recovery from the first-of-its-kind surgery. A reminder: He needed 17 micro-holes drilled into the bones in his rotator cuff region to secure both tendons and ligaments in his right shoulder. To the best of our knowledge, no other pitcher has ever had the surgery. It leaves us with many questions...

Will the shoulder hold up? Will he suffer another tear? Will he regain complete flexibility? We may not have the answer to these questions until next season, thus making a prediction on the quality of his pitching this year even more difficult. Our advice to Martinez owners is to maintain very low expectations when he returns sometime in August. That way if he falters, you don't have too much invested this season.