Dr. HQ: Sheffield in bad shape

Gary Sheffield, DH/OF, Tigers

Tigers manager Jim Leyland continues to say Sheffield is day-to-day, though he has not played since Aug. 21. There was speculation Sunday night that he will not play or travel with the team for the next series. Sheffield says he will not play again until he is able to reduce the pain and regain the strength in his right shoulder.

Sheffield suffered the injury on July 21, when he collided with teammate Placido Polanco. Reportedly, he has had two cortisone injections and has been on anti-inflammatory medication in an attempt to keep the inflammation and pain to a minimum. We learned from the Tigers' official Web site on Sunday that it's likely he'll undergo surgery once the season is over. Sheffield admitted he will probably need to have the bone shaved down in the right shoulder. By the sound of it, this could be what is called a "modified Mumford" procedure, in which the surgeon trims part of the bone in the acromioclavicular joint. Sheffield admitted he has already had the procedure done twice and will do his best to postpone it until after the season. If the term "modified Mumford" sounds familiar, that is because pitcher Trevor Hoffman and outfielder Ryan Klesko have had the procedure done.