FLB: Hot and cold

Winning in fantasy baseball is not just about the draft, it's about careful in-season roster management as well. Few players offer elite statistics all season, and sometimes, picking certain players means either practicing patience if they traditionally take time to get up to full speed, or being prepared to trade them if they regularly start strong and quickly cool off. Be careful, because overlooking the annual April trends can get you stuck in some bad trading habits, giving up too quickly on certain players or perhaps keeping others for too long. (Statistics noted are a player's career numbers in April, AVG-HR-RBI-SB-R, games played, followed by his average career numbers per month from May-October in AVG-HR-RBI-SB-R, games played. Pitching stats are W-SV-ERA-WHIP-K, innings pitched)


Michael Barrett, C, Cubs -- .255-17-66-0-56, 134 (April); .264-11-51-2-49, 135 (rest of year): Catchers as a whole, in general, tend to wear down over time, meaning April should be the month in which you expect them to enjoy their best production. Besides Barrett, Ivan Rodriguez is another catcher with a history of strong performance in April.