FLB: Yankees preview

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Wouldn't it be nice to build a fantasy baseball team using the same resources the New York Yankees have available to structure their roster? The Yankees, who won their eighth straight American League East title and made the postseason for the 11th consecutive season in 2005, spent a record $207.2 million, $90.5 million more than any other team in baseball. That'd be like the fantasy equivalent of a $450 auction budget in a $260-cap league, or picking twice in each of the first five rounds of the draft.

Unfortunately, while that would be nice, fantasy owners would hardly want the results the Yankees have experienced since the turn of the century. Despite its payroll, New York has failed to win a World Series since 2000 -- few teams could complain about that -- and in two of the last five seasons, has been dispatched by the Angels in the Division Series. Sure, it's nice for a team (fantasy or major-league) to get within range of a championship, but it's frustrating for it to continually fall short. Essentially, since beating the Mets in the 2000 World Series, the Yankees have spent more time chasing All-Stars than building a farm system to sustain its core for years. If only owner George Steinbrenner were a fantasy owner, he'd have learned by now it usually doesn't pay to overpay for name players.