Grey Matter: My own discrepancies with the Top 340

My personal rankings weren't included in the latest round of our top 340 because of an e-mail snafu, and because I got a lot of questions about that in my chat this week, I thought I would address a few players on whom I differ from the "GroupThink."

This is not an exhaustive list, mind you, just some players who stood out to me at first glance as being ranked quite a bit lower than where I would put them. To be fair, it's easy to do that in hindsight, seeing how the list actually turned out.

Hopefully, I'll be right on more than a few of these, like I was on Ian Kinsler in my June rankings. I had Ian Kinsler in the top 10 back then (No. 7 overall, to be exact). Kinsler is now either the most valuable or second most valuable player in fantasy baseball, depending on if your mixed league is 10 or 12 teams.