Top 10 prospects for 2010 season

If I could pull you away from your fantasy football drafts, you have a keeper-league baseball team that could use your attention for a moment, as September is the time when we start looking toward some minor leaguers who can help us next year.

So here's a first look at names to watch specifically for fantasy impact in 2010. I don't expect players like the Yankees' Jesus Montero or the Marlins' Mike Stanton to get much playing time in the big leagues next season, so they are not on this list, although they would be if I was doing a top-10 with a long-term view. The bottom line is we're looking for prospects who have a chance for significant playing time in the big leagues and putting up numbers next season. Repeat: This is not a list of the best 10 prospects in all of baseball; it's a list for 2010 value only.

Additionally, in order to give this list a little more utility and highlight some different names I haven't talked about recently, I haven't included any names that are already in the majors and still rookie-eligible such as Mat Latos, Matt LaPorta, Brian Matusz, Neftali Feliz, Eric Young Jr. or Alcides Escobar. Consider this a first run, as offseason roster developments and Arizona Fall League performances can change some things.