Granderson still not a top-50 option

It's certainly not a stretch to expect Curtis Granderson, one of the unlikeliest of the 30 hitters to hit 30-plus home runs in 2009, to expand on his 30 homers now that he has joined the New York Yankees. Perhaps you've heard over the past nine months or so that the new Yankee Stadium was, at least for one season, quite the homer haven, especially for left-handed pull hitters aiming for the right-field stands. As you'll read below, that pretty much fits Granderson to a tee.

In fact, I think it's obvious that Granderson will hit at least 35 home runs in 2010. However, there's a catch (and really, isn't there always a catch?): The inflated home run total won't make him a top-50 overall player, even though he's being drafted as such in standard mixed leagues (he's the 49th player taken, on average, according to mockdraftcentral.com). You see, Granderson's power comes at a steep price. I'll explain.