'My' guys: Players I love for this season

Allow me to give you a peek into the inner workings of ESPN Fantasy. This assignment came about because one of my editors said he wanted to see a column on players I'd love to have on my roster this season. That way people could read it and walk into their drafts knowing these are the players I'm targeting in my own leagues. These are my guys.

Well, so much for that. Thanks for killing my upcoming drafts, editor-who-shall-remain-nameless. Then again, after thinking about it further, I realized that a lot of the guys on this list are players I've been writing about all spring in my blog anyway; I tend to write about who makes a positive impression on me. I mean, who wants to read 500 words about Yuniesky Betancourt? So, Insiders, you get the full scoop. Rather than posting players I like sprinkled throughout my blogs, I've put them all in one handy place below.