Inside the Matchups: Gomez versus Kazmir, Volquez versus Houston

No-go on Gomez

On Wednesday, Tampa Bay starter Scott Kazmir takes his plus fastball to Minnesota to face the Twins. In 2008, Kazmir had one of the hardest-to-hit fastballs in the majors (.204 opponent BA); this season, his heat has been about as effective. So, which Twin should get out of the kitchen? Even if Carlos Gomez starts for the Twins, he shouldn't be starting for your team. His .248 batting average against the fastball in 2008 was one of the lowest in the bigs. This season, he's managed just a .190 batting average against fastballs, further demonstrating that he's probably not quite ready to face major league pitching, much less Kazmir's stuff. Additionally, Dioner Navarro's arm should neutralize his base-stealing value.