Zito a wild card; avoid the D-Train

Sweating Zito's slow stuff?

Barry Zito is set to face the San Diego Padres on Tuesday for the third time this season. For Zito owners, you have to wonder which Zito you'll see. Will he be the one who gave up four runs in four innings against the Padres on April 10 or the one who blanked them for seven innings on April 22? Our scouting numbers point closer to the former. The left-hander uses off-speed stuff on about half his pitches, and the Padres hit slower offerings better (.249 batting average against off-speed pitches) than fast ones (.236 against fastballs). Adrian Gonzalez, on the other hand, will be hungry for Zito's fastball, as he's 5-for-12 on his heat and 3-for-15 on everything else he throws. Don't expect another dazzling performance from Zito, but he'll keep the Giants in this one.