Keep an eye on Miller, but avoid Ray

Miller spot filler?

After returning from the disabled list against the Dodgers last week and earning his first win of the season, Marlins youngster Andrew Miller will have a much easier task starting against the Diamondbacks on Thursday (his 24th birthday, coincidentally). The lefty has struggled mightily with his pitch efficiency, as he has yet to reach the sixth inning in three starts this season. Miller can't survive on a 38 percent first-pitch strike percentage and 42.9 percent strike percentage overall. If he learns to throw strikes, he could be a real front-end starter for the Marlins. The Arizona lineup may be exactly what he needs to find the strike zone. The Diamondbacks see a league-average 3.83 pitches per plate appearance, but that's largely inflated because of their sky-high strikeout rate. In other words, they don't work counts as often as they reach strike three. National League-only owners can give Miller the nod.