Porcello, Escobar set up nicely

Picking Porcello

Rookie Rick Porcello is 5-2 against teams that passed on him in the 2007 amateur draft. There's a good chance he'll move to 6-2 after tomorrow's start in Pittsburgh. The 20-year-old's fastball might not look all that impressive, but the results say otherwise. Hitters have just a .246 batting average against his heater, which is about 40 points below the league average. Additionally, he'll coax hitters to swing at his 90-91 mph fastball outside the zone about 27 percent of the time, a chase percentage about 33 percent higher than your average pitcher's fastball. He will have to watch out for Freddy Sanchez, whose .358 batting average against fastballs ranks ninth in the National League. Odds are Porcello is still available in your ESPN standard mixed league. Go grab him for Friday's start