Playing With The Numbers: PrOPS

Greetings fellow statistical freaks! When I'm not stalking members of Sloan (a favorite rock band of mine), I often find myself incarcerated … I mean surfing … surfing the Web, looking for sites that can help polish my analysis and understanding of the game -- especially fantasy baseball.

My recent sojourns have led me back to one of my favorite analytical sites: The Hardball Times. These guys produce a fine Bill James-style annual review/preview, but the main reason I visit this Web site is that they do some fabulous sabermetric work.

Of all things, the other day I was on an unnamed shopping site doing research for another column, this unmentionable site, with its Big Brother-esque cookies-enabled, all-seeing eye, "recommended" J.C. Bradbury's "The Baseball Economist" to me. I visited Bradbury's site, Sabernomics.com and discovered a man after my own heart, a sabermetric economist. I started reading along, and I discovered an interesting piece by Bradbury arguing that whatever helped Gary Matthews Jr. to his career year, it probably has nothing to do with his name being associated with that New Jersey laboratory.