Playing with the numbers: Revisiting PGP

Well, we head into the season's final two months, and many of you might be wondering if your pitching staff can hold things together. Me? I'm almost like a Tralfamadorian. In case you've forgotten your high school lit class, Tralfamadorians were the aliens in "Slaughterhouse-Five" who experience reality in four dimensions. They can see the past and the future, and these freaky-deaky aliens know when the universe will end: When they accidentally blow it up. But since they can't do anything to change the past or future, they travel through time to experience various bits of their lives over and over.

I can smell what's going to happen in my fantasy league. I have the best pitching staff going. I'm currently in first place, and I might be OK. A number of my pitchers were abused in July (Matt Morris, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Joe Blanton, Oliver Perez, Chris Young), but the effects of this overpitching appear to be wearing off, and I might be able to sustain success if these guys don't get abused too much more.

Please pay careful attention to the data I present here. If you have the flexibility to demote overused pitchers and replace them with solid options, you could seriously blow away the competition. In my league, it's hard to do that because almost everyone with a pulse is on someone's roster.