Playing with the numbers: September is here

You know it's fall when: Gators-fan friends are calling up asking if I'm watching the LSU game, when everyone's talking up Appalachian State and I'm prepping for my final NFL drafts.

This autumn is different, however. My 'tween daughters are actually interested in one of my fantasy football leagues. That's because I'm competing against David Henrie of The Disney Channel's "That's so Raven" and "Wizards of Waverly Place" in this league.

The league's commish, Dan Flockhart, is the creator of a system that teaches math using fantasy sports. (For more on how fantasy football is helping math teachers, read the column by John Barr here.) Anyway, Dan has gathered a couple of fantasy sports experts, a couple of celebs, including Mr. Henrie, and some students and teachers to compete using his unique scoring system. When I checked out the amazing growth at-risk students have shown after learning math the Flockhart way, there was no way I could refuse a slot in this league.