Playing with the numbers: Pitchers to bench

Fast Swing

This week is almost 100 percent pitching, but I want to make one offensive-related comment before I move along. Longtime Srinivasan fave Jason Kubel is batting .348-.434-.539 since the beginning of August with 11 doubles, two homers, 15 walks and 14 whiffs. Let me also note his career minor-league batting line is .320-.385-.499. Kubel is 25.5 next season. Yes, I'm a freak, on my draft spreadsheets, I list a player's age in tenths of a year. Kubel is an offensive explosion waiting to happen, but his surge is masked by an awful first half. Injuries killed the early part of his major-league career, and he might be flying under the radar on draft day 2008 (unless he has a monster spring). If he is, make him one of your endgame picks.

Scratch That Pitch