Out of the Box: Rankings Reaction

Ah, rankings. Few things are as conducive to spurring debates, and, after all, isn't that one of the most fun aspects of fantasy baseball?

If you don't agree, think about it from a pure trading perspective. What else could be the cause of that frustrating feeling -- "That's all you're offering?!" -- in your trade talks, or that famous thought -- "What was that owner thinking?!" -- when an unbalanced trade hits the board in your league. Difference of opinion is all part of the game, and if you ask two different people, I can guarantee you'll find at least one player on whom there would be some significant disagreement.

That's what's great about our consensus top 150 rankings: It's not all of one mind; none of us have to agree. Even in my discussions with the crew about how each of us approached the task of in-season player rankings, it's clear the five of us all have different takes. Maybe some of us treated it like we were drafting fresh today. Maybe some of us ranked based on projected dollar values earned from today forward, and yes, those are significantly different approaches. Whatever the angle, the result is every bit as much an amusing as it is a practical exercise.