Out of the Box: There's a catch

I might be a huge fan of Joe Mauer's, but ultimately I think his winning a batting title might have done us a disservice. Now that we've seen concrete proof that a catcher can pull off the feat, somehow as a group we've become a little too trusting of his brethren.

Maybe that's merely an impression I get, but with Jorge Posada, Kenji Johjima and Victor Martinez all in the top 20 in the majors in batting average entering Thursday's games, don't you believe at least a little more that you can get elite production from the position? Heck, Bengie Molina is a .300-plus-hitting backstop! Catchers unite!

Still, I throw that old adage at you, lest you throw caution to the wind: Over the long, grueling summer, catchers wear down at the bat. There's something about the tools of ignorance, how they weigh a man down, weakening those limbs.