Cockcroft: Bronx Bombers are back

Interesting statistic: Since the All-Star break, a span of 25 games for most teams, 25 hitters have registered an OPS of 1.000 or greater (minimum 75 plate appearances).

Of those 25, five are Yankees. No other team has more than three (the Braves and Phillies are tied with that many). All five of those Yankees are left-handed hitters, or they're at least switch-hitters with All-Star caliber numbers from the left side: Jorge Posada (1.221), Robinson Cano (1.172), Hideki Matsui (1.069), Bobby Abreu (1.040) and Melky Cabrera (1.028).

That list doesn't include hitters like Johnny Damon and Jason Giambi, left-handed batsmen with great track records, or one of the team's newest additions, Wilson Betemit, who hits 180 points better lifetime in OPS from the left side than from the right. We're talking about an offense loaded with left-handed punch, an offense that is by far baseball's best since the All-Star break (7.78 runs per game), a team that is 20-7 during that span and suddenly right back in the playoff picture, and a team that now is overloaded with proven bats.