Shandler: Standings got you down? Make a move now

We preached PATIENCE back in April. Standings are far too volatile then for owners to get proper reads on how their clubs stack up. After all, a cellar-dweller can instantly rise to the penthouse with a single Carlos Lee 3-HR game.

That was then. We've long used May 15 as our curtain raiser, the moment we really start to pay attention to our standings. By then, there has been just enough time for the dust to settle. Yet in a BaseballHQ.com poll, the largest percentage of responders said they couldn't wait much past May 1 to tinker with their rosters.

To shed some light on who has the most accurate feel for things, we studied nine years of weekly standings from the 12-team, AL-only Tout Wars experts league, adding up every team's movement in points from the beginning to the end of every week. Here's how much those standings moved on average during select weeks of the season.