Uncommon Thievery: Easy and hard to steal on

Due to popular demand, it's time to take another look at some favorable and unfavorable matchups for our speedsters. This is a topic I covered much earlier in the season (Part I/Part II), but now that it's crunch time and every single stolen base counts, it's definitely worthwhile to take another look. If you play it smart, you'll be able to achieve better statistical balance while maximizing your potential to earn as many points in stolen bases as you can. Why play a speedster like Dave Roberts (whose only redeeming fantasy quality is his ability to steal bases) when he's going up against Carlos Zambrano (who has allowed just four stolen bases over the last three years) and has little to no chance of stealing a base? Instead, plug in a power hitter and try to maximize your home runs and RBIs when Roberts goes up against a tough pitching matchup. At the same time, spot starting even a moderate speedster against someone like Greg Maddux will help you maximize your stolen base totals.

National League Favorable Matchups