Uncommon Thievery: Hermida to run?

If you're still reading up on fantasy baseball news, chances are you're either still in the hunt, or you're one of those year-round obsessive types like myself. This week we're going to cater to those still fighting it out for league dominance; next week, we'll talk keepers and sleepers for those looking forward to next season.

American League speed notes

To be perfectly honest, there's not much doing in the American League in terms of speedy pickups. Guys like Jerry Owens, Joey Gathright and Alexi Casilla should already be owned by anyone that's in a tight race for steals in AL-only formats, and there aren't many others who are off and running right now. In fact, the National League stole 72 more bases than their American League counterparts in August. That's a pretty significant number given how close the two leagues have been all season (National League: 1,311 SB, American League: 1,132 SB). If you're in one of those deeper AL-only leagues, you may have to stick it out with what you have and continue to play the matchups in order to gain an edge on your competition.