Top 12 for '12: Shelby Miller No. 2

Note: The top 12 fantasy prospects (players currently in the minor leagues) for 2012 are below. These rankings are a bit different from other prospect rankings, as they are strictly for 2012 fantasy purposes. Not only do talent and recent performance play a role, but potential paths to the big leagues also are factors. All young players in the minors are eligible, including those in "prospect purgatory," those who have exceeded rookie status but are still young, unproven commodities.

Miami Marlins catcher Rob Brantly made his "Top 12 for '12" debut at No. 3 last week, and it turned out to be his only appearance; he was called up to the big leagues this week. Barring injuries, we're reaching a brief slow period in terms of call-ups, as clubs likely will wait two weeks for September roster expansions, when call-ups are much easier on a logistical level.