The correct way to 'chase wins'

One of the prominent chapters of the so-called "fantasy baseball experts manual" could be entitled "Wins are a Crapshoot." You've heard that, right? It talks about how unpredictable wins from pitchers can be and how we "experts" are contractually obligated to advise not to chase them, for it's a fool's mission.

Well, I guess I'm a fool. I'm not one to blindly follow mainstream thinking. Let's just say, when it comes to that experts manual, my dog ate my copy years ago, and I'm too lazy to order a replacement.

If you're lamenting that you could gain a bunch of points in wins and are frustrated because everyone says "fuhgeddaboudit" when you ask for advice on how to do it, take heed, my friend. I can't guarantee success, but I can explain why it's not as fruitless an endeavor as some make it out to be, as well as offer some tips on how to get it done without too much collateral damage to your ERA and WHIP.