Fantasy Forecaster: April 2 - April 8

Welcome to The Week Ahead, our weekly look at the matchups that will shape your fantasy world for the next Monday-through-Sunday cycle. If you're in a head-to-head league, or if you're in a traditional roto-scoring league that only allows weekly lineup adjustments, this is the column for you.

Opening Day is finally here. No more kibitzing about the Red Sox closer situation, whether Sammy Sosa could turn out to be a fantasy asset, or who the heck is going to start in the infield for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. (Responses are finally in from all counties, and the answers are: "Jonathan Papelbon," "no" and "it doesn't matter.") But seriously, folks. Your fantasy draft is over, the die is cast, and now it's all about maximizing your team's performance. Part of that is managing lineups to maximize efficiency. So let's take a look at which teams' hitters have potentially sweet situations this week (based on opponent and ballpark), which teams' hitters could be in for a long seven days, and which of the week's two-start pitchers are most enticing.

Laughter In The Dark: Good Matchups