Fantasy Forecaster: Weather Woes

Games postponed by sleet in New York, by snow in Chicago and by cold in Detroit. That's right, the weather was so bad last week, the city of Detroit, which is, like, in the north and stuff, was judged not quite hearty enough to weather a midweek day game. Ah, April baseball.

Every year we fantasy baseball owners beg and pray for our minions to get off to hot starts. We analyze historical first-month trends. We load up on the Shea Hillenbrands and the Jonny Gomeses of the world, with the clever thought of trading them when they reach 10 homers by May. We gird our loins to prepare for the inevitable letdown beginnings by Johan Santana and Jimmy Rollins. And we ignore something that's probably far more important: how many of our fantasy players will have games cancelled the first week of the season?

Call it Fantasy Baseball: Global Warming Style.