Fantasy Forecaster: Play your D-Backs and Red Sox

Laughter in the dark: good matchups

Arizona Diamondbacks: 3 vs. MIL; 3 vs. CHC. What happened to the Brewers' and Cubs' pitching? It's all gone wrong for both staffs in a hurry over the past week; they have the worst (Milwaukee) and second-worst (Chicago) staff ERAs over the past seven days. Sure, that's an admittedly small sample size, but we're in a pennant race now, and as Lloyd Bridges used to say on "Seinfeld," "It's go time." The smoking-hot D-backs are in a groove, and Carlos Zambrano is the only true ace they'll face this week.

Cincinnati Reds: 4 vs. ATL; 3 vs. FLA. Sure, they're playing for nothing, but the Reds are kind of raking right now. They've hit a major league-best .321 over the past week, and are slugging a baseball-best .521. Sure, the lumber was slumbering before that, but Adam Dunn has picked it up (three homers in six games), Ken Griffey seems to have shaken off whatever was ailing him and Jeff Keppinger has suddenly made himself relevant in NL-only leagues, having gotten a hit in 20 of his 22 starts since filling in sporadically for Alex Gonzalez. The Reds get to play seven in their bandbox, and avoid John Smoltz.