Fantasy Forecaster: Eight games for Cubs/Cards

Laughter In The Dark: Good Matchups

Chicago Cubs: 1 vs. STL; 3 @HOU; 4 @STL. Please don't interpret this as an endorsement of the Cubs' slouch toward Bethlehem. Frankly, I have very little idea what to make of the NL Central, which is as ugly as ugly gets. But eight-game weeks don't come along that often, plus the Astros have the worst collective ERA in the majors over the past week. The Cubs miss Roy Oswalt, and they get five against the Cardinals including two versus Joel Pineiro, the mystery man who I've got to think someone's going to figure out. Chicago also misses Adam Wainwright and gets to tee off on a half-speed Mark Mulder.

Los Angeles Angels: 3 @BAL; 3 @CHW. At this point, plug in your guys against the Orioles. Sheesh. I mean, look at some of the run totals these valiant Birds have allowed just so far in September: 10 (9/1), 9 (9/3), 17 (9/5) and 7 (9/6). And that says nothing about the 30 runs they gave up to Texas toward the end of August. Considering how badly the White Sox have also mailed in their season (though admittedly they have gotten some good starting pitching over the last week), this should be a nice six-game stretch for L.A.