Fantasy Forecaster:Picking on Pirates and Nats

Laughter In The Dark: Good Match-Ups

New York Mets: 3 versus PIT; 3 versus WAS. I used the strategy that goes "If a team faces the Pirates and Nationals in the same week, start them" last week, to decent effect. The Rockies managed a few games of very good offensive output, and the Astros [e] well, the Astros kind of stink, but at least they managed six runs against Jason Bergmann, right? Carlos Beltran is finally starting to make me look non-stupid ("smart" went out the window when Beltran hit .185 for most of July); now if Jose Reyes could pull his cranium out of his posterior, maybe the universe would feel a little less akimbo.

Philadelphia Phillies: 3 versus WAS; 3 versus PIT. Yup, the reverse order is also true. The Phils get a whole mess of Nationals badness, and then miss both Snell and Gorzelanny hosting the Pirates.