What Christian Arroyo can do for fantasy baseball owners

Say hello to the Giants' new starting third baseman, Christian Arroyo. Should you pick him up for your fantasy team? John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Next time a general manager or manager says they are not ready to call up a polished prospect who is hitting almost .500 three weeks into a season, while their contending major league team is struggling to score runs, you should pour copious amounts of salt on that statement.

Less than a week ago, San Francisco Giants GM Bobby Evans said, "If we come to a point where we feel like we want to make a position change for Nunez, that would be a different issue, but right now we don't see that happening, and our focal point for Arroyo is just getting time in Triple-A."

In this case, Nunez is Eduardo Nunez and Arroyo is Christian Arroyo, the No. 1 prospect on last week's top-10 list. Apparently, the time to make a change Evans was alluding to was much closer than he led on, as the team called up Arroyo on Monday night, and plan to have him handle third base, with Nunez moving to left field.

While he should be a capable fielder at the hot corner, what does he bring to the table at the plate, and should fantasy owners be racing to the waiver wire to pick him up right now?