Karablog: When to move on from struggling starters

When is it time to move on from struggling starters like Zack Godley? (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Picking the right time to give up on starting pitchers tends to be a risky business. Sure, we are in June already and that should be enough time to figure out if someone is off to a bad start or just, shall we say, bad, but the truth is making the decision on when to dump a player, for no compensation, could be different for all of us, and it is context-dependent. After all, it tends to be more painful when a mid-round draft pick secured said player, though that really should not matter in the least. Anyway, watching the mess that apparently is Arizona Diamondbacks right-hander Zack Godley on Monday, I have had enough. Kansas City Royals lefty Danny Duffy also underwhelmed late Monday and, again, there is only so much a fantasy manager can take.