Karablog: Breaking down the struggling Orioles' offense

Jonathan Schoop is just one of the many Baltimore Oriole hitters who have disappointed fantasy managers so far in 2018. (AP photo/John Bazemore)

I got a closer look at the brutal Baltimore Orioles this week and they look every bit the 100-loss team they appear to be. What is surprising to me is how this lineup, even with awesome infielder -- NO, I'M A SHORTSTOP -- Manny Machado in it, has been so bad. I actually cut second baseman Jonathan Schoop in a rather deep league earlier this week, despite the fact he was one of my offensive building blocks a mere three months ago, coming off a 32-homer season in which he batted .293. Why would we not rely on this fellow? It takes a village, or something like that, to have a .282 winning percentage in July, so here are one writer's thoughts on the disappointing Orioles, um, village.