Karablog: What is Shohei Ohtani's fantasy outlook for 2019?

Conceivably, Ohtani could still make a big impact at the plate in 2019 and improve upon his impressive rookie season. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The fairy tale that has been the first season in the majors for Los Angeles Angels superstar Shohei Ohtani took a few turns on Wednesday.

First, the organization announced there was more damage in the pitcher's UCL than expected and ligament replacement surgery was the obvious recommendation. No surprise there. We probably could have seen that coming months ago.

Second, Ohtani homered twice against Texas in a four-hit performance, and stole a base. Again, no surprise there. Ohtani is awesome.

He is not, however, healthy enough to pitch and he and the Angels have some decisions to make. One would presume Ohtani is not going to pitch in a big league game again until 2020, but it is still not resolved whether he will perform as a batter.

Fantasy managers needs answers and they need them quickly! Ohtani is the No. 31 option on the full-season Player Rater, despite barely pitching the past few months. What does the future hold for him?