Five baseball prospects who could be traded into starting jobs at MLB trade deadline

Kyle Tucker failed to grab a big-league job in 2018. His next chance could come soon with another organization. Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

With one singular trade deadline -- July 31 -- in Major League Baseball this year, front offices will be feeling added pressure over the next two weeks. Not having the ability to add a veteran or two in August may force teams to make more moves or larger moves than in the past, because they have only one shot to acquire the talent they think they need to make a postseason push.

Larger, multi-player deals mean higher prices. You want Marcus Stroman? Maybe you need a reliever too. What about Stroman and Giles? That's going to cost you. Need a slugger and a closer? You can probably get Jose Abreu and Alex Colome, but at what expense?

The most valuable commodities over the next few weeks are young, controllable players. With free agents wanting more money and owners wanting to pay less, the pre-arbitration player is the best asset to both sell and acquire.

With that in mind, here are some important names that could be on the move come July 31. Please note, proximity to the majors is key for this exercise. There could be a stud Single-A arm moved, but I am looking for the prospect that could be traded and still make an impact for their new team and yours in 2019.