Fantasy baseball: Top power-hitting prospects for 2020

Only 21, Luis Robert could be a big bat in the middle of the White Sox lineup by next season. Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire

As the 2019 regular season winds down, so does prospect season, for the most part. There will be a handful of names that will be called up for supporting roles, but for all intents and purposes, the best days are behind us. With that, I would like to systematically take a look at what is to come.

Over the next few weeks, I will be breaking down prospects by their impact relative to the standard five scoring categories. In separate breakdowns, I will look at hitters by home runs and run-creating potential and then by average and stolen bases. Moving to pitching, I plan to identify the impact starters you will want to know and the ones that may become late-inning weapons.

Let's start with a bang and talk about the sluggers.