Fantasy Insights: Will Mike Yastrzemski come up big again for the Giants?

Mike Yastrzemski hammered 21 homers as a 28-year-old rookie last season. Cody Glenn-USA TODAY Sports

Spring is here and Eric Karabell misses baseball, so he is going to write about all 30 MLB teams over the next few months, covering myriad player values and his general thoughts for what he hopes will ultimately be a fruitful 2020 season.

Next up, the San Francisco Giants!

Top fantasy storyline: There is a scene near the end of the awesome flick "The Princess Bride" when, during a swordfight, the good guy has been struck and is clearly compromised and the bad guy says, quite incredulously, "Good heavens, are you still trying to win?" That is the 2020 Giants, coming off three losing seasons and now somehow even older than before, and lacking an outfield and Madison Bumgarner. There really is no great fantasy storyline for this team. In some ways, the fantasy managers treat them like the ... Orioles.