Fantasy baseball: Vladimir Guerrero Jr., George Springer among players with improved skills

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is hitting the ball harder than he ever has before. Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Change in the baseball world isn't always a product of injuries, shifting opportunities or younger players gaining experience and physical strength. Sometimes, it's a distinct change in a player's skill set itself that fuels a big statistical shift. Players are, after all, constantly trying to improve their game.

One of the great things about all of the advanced metrics in baseball these days is that it's easier to identify some of these skills improvements. Statcast, in fact, offers a handy year-to-year comparison tool, to give you a head start.

Today, let's focus on nine of 2020's more notable names, each of whom experienced a substantial -- and in most cases nearly league-leading -- change in one or more of these advanced metrics. Their final rotisserie numbers might've seemed out of place when compared to their past performances, but shifts in their skills themselves gave plenty of hints as to what could be in store for them entering 2021.