Fantasy baseball reaction to Joey Gallo trade

Joey Gallo may be leaving the Texas dugout for the one in Yankee Stadium, but will his fantasy stats come with him? AP

I know what you're thinking. Drop a left-handed, extreme fly ball-hitting, perennial contender for the Statcast Barrel and maximum exit velocity titles into New York's Yankee Stadium, and you're sure to see him hit 25 homers for the rest of 2021.

If that's your initial reaction to the news that Joey Gallo has been traded to the New York Yankees, I not only get it, but I also don't think it's a completely outrageous claim. Gallo's bat, built around pull power and responsible for the second-most home runs of 425-plus feet since his June 2, 2015, big-league debut (Nelson Cruz leads the category), seems made for Yankee Stadium's short porch. It's also great to see him leaving Texas' Globe Life Field, a much more pitcher-leaning venue than its predecessor across the street, as the 27-year-old slugged only .487 in the new ballpark, compared to .566 in the former Globe Life Park. This trade is a plus for him, there's no doubt about it.