Is Mike Trout the biggest fantasy baseball bust in 2021?

Was there a bigger fantasy flop in 2021 than Mike Trout? Can fantasy managers trust that he'll be worth a first-round draft pick in 2022? AP

Oh, well. Los Angeles Angels manager Joe Maddon made it all but official on Wednesday concerning star outfielder Mike Trout: His season is over.

This is hardly what fantasy baseball managers wanted to read or hear, but then again, nobody should be surprised. Trout last played in a game back in May, when he suffered what nobody realized would become a season-ending and season-defining calf injury. Trout was supposed to return to the field sometime in July or perhaps early August.

The final tally reads as follows: 36 GP, 147 PA, 8 HR, 2 SB. He hit .333.

I ignored Trout in the first round of preseason drafts and had little interest in trading for him early during the season, but still, 36 games? My goodness. He may be the best player in the game -- although a certain two-way teammate of his deserves credit there as well -- but you have to play more than that! You may well have some questions about this player who has brought so much joy to baseball fans and fantasy baseball managers alike. If so, here are some answers.