Fantasy sell-high candidates

Nelson Cruz has been one of the AL's best sluggers so far. Can he keep it up in the second half? AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Just like in Major League Baseball, your fantasy league's trade deadline is within shouting distance, representing your last -- and biggest -- opportunity to make major changes to your roster. The next few weeks are the time to put together your roster for the home stretch, and if you miss the opportunity to improve, your September will be spent looking wistfully at the waiver wire, wondering if Nick Swisher is going to turn into Ted Williams for a month.

Unfortunately, unless your league is made up of people who wonder if Cal Ripken is still playing, big robberies are hard to come by, with most additions leading to mere incremental improvements. To that end, below are some of my top sell-high candidates this fantasy trade deadline, those players I feel have the most profit potential if you trade them now.

Nelson Cruz, OF, Baltimore Orioles

After being neglected on the free-agent market (and for good reason), Cruz has made 29 organizations look like cheapskates this season, hitting .287/.353/.570 with 28 homers and 74 RBIs, numbers that look like his typical line -- for an entire season, that is. With Chris Davis having a monster 2013 season and Steve Pearce also posting surprise power numbers this season, there must be some ingredient in Old Bay seasoning or pit beef that turns one-dimensional sluggers into superstars.

However, while Cruz has been the No. 4 outfielder on the Player Rater this year, ZiPS drops him to the 12th for the rest of the season. He is still a player who can help you win your league, but if someone desperate for homers and RBIs wants to pay you as if he's Andrew McCutchen or Yasiel Puig, take the deal.

Derek Norris, C, Oakland Athletics

Oakland's catching timeshare has been a big part of the A's offensive success this year, and Norris' contributions earned him his first trip to the All-Star Game.