Fantasy baseball points ranks: Using RC/27 to identify trade targets

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It's been a little more than two months since we last took a gander at the hidden points-league gems to be found using the handy dandy "shortcut stat" known as RC/27. As a reminder, RC/27 is "runs created per 27 outs," which is derived by taking each player's stats at the plate -- hits, total bases, walks and steals are good; strikeouts are bad -- and running them through a complex mathematical formula to estimate how many runs per game a theoretical lineup with nine clones of that same player would be expected to produce.

While it is by no means a perfect one-to-one comparison, RC/27 has always been a fairly good indicator of points-league value, packaged into one easy-to-digest number. And, with the looming trade deadline causing a bunch of players to be soon headed to new locations, I thought it was a good time to once again take a look at some of the players who are far exceeding their place on the ESPN Player Rater, as judged by RC/27.

As one might expect, many of the top-10 names on both lists are the same: Christian Yelich (11.01 and first in RC/27, No. 1 on the Rater), Mike Trout (10.84, No. 4 on the Rater), and Cody Bellinger (9.05, No. 3 on the Rater). Ronald Acuna Jr., the No. 2 player on the Rater in large part due to his stolen base total, is not quite as valuable in the points format, and his No. 23 RC/27 score of 7.01 bears that out.

Other top-10 players in RC/27, all of whom are far exceeding rotisserie value in points leagues, include Charlie Blackmon (8.34, No. 20 on the Rater), Anthony Rendon (8.54, No. 18 on the Rater), Nolan Arenado (7.96, No. 25 on the Rater) and Kris Bryant (7.92, No. 37 on the Rater). If your league has not yet had its trade deadline, these are just a few of the players to target the rest of the way.

Additional players in RC/27's top 40 who are providing excellent points-league value are Jeff McNeil (7.68; T12th in RC/27, 56th on the Rater), Rhys Hoskins (7.23; 20th, 80th), Luke Voit (6.94; T26th, 83rd), Hunter Dozier (6.94; T26th, 99th) and Daniel Vogelbach (6.71; 36th, 115th). Vogelbach is of particular note, as he's rostered in just 54.1% of ESPN leagues.

Here's a few more names of players in the top 75 of RC/27 who are available in 25% or more of all ESPN leagues and, as such, definitely worth a look for the home stretch of the fantasy season: Shin-Soo Choo (6.97, 71.4% rostered), Renato Nunez (6.01, 24.2% rostered), Justin Smoak (5.73, 43.2% rostered), Omar Narvaez (5.71, 72.8% rostered), Kolten Wong (5.62, 29.7% rostered), Hunter Renfroe (5.67, 71.8% rostered), and Dexter Fowler (5.60, 2.0% rostered).

Top 300 rest-of-season rankings

The following list reflects AJ's rankings for points leagues, going forward. Note that this is different from a ranking of how each player has played thus far in 2019. For a ranking of performance to-date, check out the ESPN Player Rater.