Park Factors: Notable 2013 changes

Remember back in the spring when one of the main questions coming into the 2013 campaign was how the new dimensions at Petco Park and Safeco Field would affect Padres and Mariners hitters and pitchers? Well, now that each team has had 74 and 72 games, respectively, at home, we can at least begin to answer that question. And the evidence suggests that the changes have made a difference.

Sure, the numbers will adjust a little with a full season's worth (or more) of games, but the sample size is sufficient enough to at least identify some interesting trends that are in some cases actionable. For instance, there are examples in which the data can be used to help make keeper or dynasty decisions for those who play in such leagues.

Now we're going to put 2013 park factors under the microscope. We'll focus primarily on the parks with recent changes, including the two already mentioned and Citi Field. In addition, we'll introduce how some new defensive trends could influence park factors.